Benefits of using EnviroSteam


The only chemical we use is water. Without the use of glyphosates or any additives or poisons at all, we are truly organic & 100% safe.  We can treat most gardens and hard surfaces with no impact to the environment. 


Systemically kills all species of weed and invasive plant life including moss, algae and lichen. 

Safe for you and your enviroment

No impact to surrounding plants or wildlife with treated areas safe to return to immediately after treatment. No chemicals used or smell, therefore no risk of allergic reactions or sinus irritations and safe for your family and pets.


Comparable costs with other weed management and property cleaning services, with the added advantage of being chemical free.

High utilisation 

With weather having no impact on our ability to kill weeds (windy or wet weather) we have very little down-time. 


Fewer treatments

Weeds are treated without disturbing the soil, which maintains soil nutrients. By not disturbing the soil's seed bank regrowth is reduced.

Quick & reliable

Near instant treatment of weeds. Weeds begin to brown out within three days. Moss, mold and algae disappear after one treatment. 

We are committed to being prompt, reliable and quick in all aspects of our business. 

Longer lasting than water blasting


Steam treatment of concrete and other hard surfaces kills the spores from moss, mold and algae, rather than just pushing them around or forcing them deeper into surfaces. The use of steam means less puddles left behind at the end of a treatment which means less damp places for moss, mold and algae to resettle. Hard surfaces that have been treated by EnviroSteam will stay clean significantly longer than those that have been water blasted.